The delegation from University of Arkansas visited CEM to promote cooperation
Time: 2017-09-20     Source: scaucem7秒鱼ios免费下载


In the morning of September 19, the assistant dean Dr. Karen Boston and the director of undergraduate programs Jeff Hood from Sam M. Walton College of Business of University of Arkansas visited CEM to promote cooperation with CEM. Our dean Prof. Wan Junyi and deputy dean Assoc. Prof. Tan Ying warmly welcomed the delegation from University of Arkansas.


Deputy dean Tan Ying firstly introduced the undergraduate majors and curriculum of CEM, and Dr. Karen from University of Arkansas later gave some detail information of undergraduate education of Sam M. Walton College of Business. After that, our deputy dean Tan Ying and the delegation from University of Arkansas further discussed about potential undergraduate cooperation programs between CEM and Sam M. Walton College of Business. Dr. Karen said she hoped SCAU and University of Arkansas can use this opportunity, to promote international exchange and cooperation in the fields of marketing and finance.

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